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Cascada de Camoján MARBELLA
702,32 m² house
2.302,00 m² plot
Latitud: 36.4997747
Longitud: -4.8842120
365 days of
dream-like awakenings
Located in an area of great beauty and landscape value, #C22 nds its place in an exclusive, private residential complex with 24 hours security. Surrounded by the sea and the mountains, this house lies at the top of the southern slope of a mountain that draws the horizon of Marbella without losing sight of the Mediterranean sea and anked by Cascada Camoján.
"Made for a family
life full of light"
Maurice Sainz. Arquitecto
One of the best places in the world to live in, both for its climate and possibilities

The contemporary atmosphere of this house combines nature, simplicity and warmth in an extraordinary place in Costa del Sol.

The architecture has been conceived to create a comfortable, inspiring environment, always in contact with the outside, thanks to a fluent connection among spaces, which have been designed so that light is the main character at all times. Its gardens of native species will highlight the feeling of a extremely natural luxury.

A dreamy place for a unique time with the possibility to customize it.

An island of peace just 7 minutes
from downtown
Architecture - Maurice Sainz, MS Design. Project Manager - Fabian Delle, Move Project.
Tech architect - Miguel Yebra, Mariano Martínez. Construction - Prinza.
Automation - TecnoClima. Kitchens - Danspan. Marketing - Narita & Humad
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