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The ultimate home and lifestyle are born in one of the finest climates and locations on earth. This beautiful setting provides fertile ground to create your own masterpiece.

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Forget about transient trends and set your spirit free to create your own ideal living space. ELSE Houses is a bespoke specialist in unique villas that are contemporary, feature avant-garde technology yet are timeless classics.

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The villas we create are designed around your personalised vision of the contemporary Marbella home, drawing inspiration from ground-breaking technology, the sensual geometry of pioneering architectural classics and of course a magnificent Mediterranean setting between mountains, valleys and beaches.

A European ideal

luxury is quality of life

Today more than ever, true luxury and privilege are made up not only of the finer things in life, but also the special experiences they offer you. With its climate, natural beauty, gastronomy, amenities and cultural offering, Marbella forms the basis for the ultimate lifestyle.

The setting
immersed in nature know Cascada de Camoján

Cascada de Camoján offers a uniquely privileged living environment: secure, private and select, it is endowed with magnificent sea and mountain views, close to protected natural scenery and yet just a few minutes removed from Marbella and Puerto Banús.

Our clients demand a timeless classic from us, not just a modern Marbella villa

A C21 villa made to measure
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